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  • Exploring the home hills of the South East afoot with my little brother @canyonwoodward has been a grounding force and source of great joy for me of late. On good days we talk on the deep stories, hopes and fears and jellybeans all chewed up and digested together, wind on the hollow between the collar bones that marks the full throat, trail flowing freely, space to reflect and connect, moving confidently over the foot worn grooves that mark the passage of the (wo)men and beasts who traversed before us through the old mountains of the East.  On this particular day we drove to the top of the mountain and mostly walked, legs tired from a long week of training, feeling cold and weak but pretty damn happy still, looking east towards the rising sun and warmer days to come.
  • Looking forward to continuing to watch and support as this next generation of Apache youth explore paths as keepers of ancestral knowledge and the storytellers of today. Incredibly gifted and humble, these kids reminded me not to mistake shyness for disinterest, nor to discount the impact of a seemingly simple and fleeting interaction.
  • Sage sat across from me in our circle, twenty or so of us on folding plastic chairs. The greenhouse at Ndée Bikíyaa People’s Farm (our classroom for the day) providing a welcome warmth as the cold of high desert night faded into noon and after. We went around and shared about ourselves. When it was Sage’s turn he spoke quietly but with weight to each word, “I am Sage Lacapa of the road runner clan” he introduced himself, first in his native tongue, then in English. “You know,people say that we must be the leaders of tomorrow. And that is true. But we must also be the leaders of today.” Later I watched as Sage interacted with the other kids and adults, attentive and engaged, active and compassionate. Already a leader amongst his peers. Young and old, timid and bold, we need more folks to model this sort of behavior, to care enough beyond themselves to step up and out on behalf of their community. Thank you @sagelacapa 🙏✊@apachefarmer @nephi_craig @quinnthenavajo @shaandiin @renan_ozturk @chrisburkard @gretacaruso @lsingh @mrsanjayr @gatherfilm @taylorfreesolo @kim_baca1
  • Far be it from me to imagine the details of your reality. Rather, that you might show me, tell me, write me a story; one that is your own, home sown, rooted and grown, in shadow or in light, in stasis or in flight. Let us sit and swing awhile. // Truly an honor to get to spend a bit of time with the kids on the Apache reservation these past days, sharing our passion for photography and storytelling (w/@renan_ozturk @chrisburkard @taylorfreesolo) and trying to leave the kids with some of the tools + skills + psyche to support in telling their own stories and following/cultivating their own curiosity and passions in the months and years to come. // thanks also to @nephi_craig @apachefarmer @mrsanjayr @gatherfilm for the thoughtful conversations and education with regards to native food sovereignty
  • A majority of the food staples consumed on this continent were originally cultivated by native peoples. Potatoes, corn, squash, tomatoes, etc. Today however, we are more disconnected from our food sources (both geographically and ideologically) than at any point previously in human history. At the Ndée Bikíyaa People’s Farm on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona, a radical group of native farmers, chefs, and students are working to change this as they seek to carry on the ancestral traditions that have sustained the people of this continent for thousands of years. It’s an honor to get to spend time with this group of intelligent and passionate young folks as @apachefarmer and @nephi_craig work to pass on their ancestral knowledge and engage the next generation of stewards. More to come w/ @gatherfilm
  • I am most fulfilled and engaged when working on projects that hold potential to offer some insight, however small, into the human condition. As we come to better understand one another, compassion and
connection become easier to access and the exclusionary lines of “us’s” and “them’s” break down, replaced with the recognition of our essential humanity and shared connection to the earth we inhabit. Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to work with friend/director @mrsanjayr on various projects that have aimed to nudge the needle of societal awareness in a more conscientious and connected direction, and his new project, @gatherfilm is a logical continuation of this. Looking forward to spending the next few days w/light wizards @chrisburkard @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo teaching and learning from the kids out on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona. Follow along w/@gatherfilm for updates from the next couple days exploring. there will be pizza.
  • Pepper scoping the goods on his morning commute with friend/peddle machine Sam. Together Sam and Pepper run a cozy little bike shop on the East side, Sam doing most the work while Pepper supervises and socializes. Rain or shine they ride to work together and though their legs are of different lengths and their interest in bicycles is based on fundamentally disparate understandings of quantum physics, it seems they’ve got a pretty good thing going.
  • Weather you like it or not, Carl likes it.
  • Amongst myriad failures, mistakes, and/or learning opportunities of ‘17, I did stumble upon one delightful little success. I finally found the missing piece to the time machine I’ve been building for mom and dad. #backofbeyond #martymcflyin #80isthenewseventeen #backtotheimportantplaces
  • “I have a little different definition of evil than most people. When you have the opportunity and the ability to do good and you do nothing, that's evil. Evil doesn't always have to be an overt act, it can be merely the absence of good.” - Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing @patagonia
  • Interestingly enough, the coating of filth snow splattered along the top and sides of the billyburg bridge is plastered there by snow plows driving at high speeds, clearing the bridge and pushing a giant wave of high velocity sludge onto the pedestrian walk below. This image was taken approximately two seconds before we learned of this phenomenon.
  • Evening whirls through Chinatown with the one and only @emilieleelee. Outtake from our city rambling on assignment last winter w/ @patagonia. Gifted painter, climber and caring human, Em and I met around the time we both were leaving New York to follow paths that would lead us nearer to the landscapes and humans that helped shape our earlier years and connection to wild spaces. A return to rock and river. quiet skies. old glens. sand and dirt and earth unfiltered by the hand of man. we bonded over a shared appreciation of the city’s creative energy, diversity of perspective, proximity of possibility, and the people - always the people. Shared too it seemed was the nagging voice, urging us to get out before it was too late. Which we presumably did. I’ll always be grateful for the years spent living and studying life in this beautiful beast of a city, osmosis and chaos and the many friendships kindled with creative madmen and madwomen that continue to grow as paths fork and split and twine and twist. Whirl on.